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Anthony Trusso's
Senior Recital

Live at CSA

In order to graduate from my University I was required to perform a senior recital that would contain everything I learned during my time at Belmont University. With the help of my fellow peers I was able to record and perform some of the most amazing and challenging tunes I could think of. Everything was recorded on March 8th, 2022 at Columbia Studio A in Nashville Tn. I am forever grateful for everyone who helped me with this project. I would also like to thank my Mother, Father and the rest of my family who helped me with all of the love and support. Love ya'll. 

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Special Thanks to

Max Wiltse: Drums

Jake Huber: Keys

Ryan Parrilli: Bass

Owen Fader: Saxophone 

Davis Ginn: Trumpet

Nic Parmer: Guitar

Presley Vaughn: Vocals

Kate Blair: Vocals

Lucas Rennie: Engineer

Jackson Anderson: Enginner

Grace Takacs: Videography 

Kaitlin Ladha: Videography

Ryan Shedd: Extra

Forrest Bobbitt: Extra

Skate U- Snarky Puppy 

Writer: Michael League

    Snarky Puppy is a funk fusion ensemble that was originally created by Bassist Michael League. Throughout the years over 40 different musicians have been a part of this collective. Aspects of funk, jazz, pop and rock can be heard in their music. For the most part, instrumentation usually consists of a bassist, multiple keyboardists, multiple guitarists, a drummer and a horn section. Occasionally the band will feature vocalists.

Windows- Chick Corea 

“Windows” is a jazz fusion tune in a waltz rhythm. It was originally released on Stan Getz’s album Sweet Rain in 1967 and was later rerecorded for Chick Corea’s 1968 album Now He Sings, Now He Sobs. Bassist Mirsolav Vitous and drummer Roy Haynes played on the track along with Chick Corea on piano. The outlines the extensions of this unique chord progression of the tune.

Anthropology- Charlie Parker 

    “Anthropology” is a great example of a rhythm changes tune. This is based off of the harmony from the tune “I Got Rhythm” which also consists of the same songform. Rhythm changes usually contain the same 32 bar chord progression with an AABA song form. This style is often played at a quick tempo with the chords changing roughly twice every bar. 

Prelude no.4 - Villa Lobos 

    “Prelude no.4” is one of five preludes written by the great Brazilian composer Heitor Villa Lobos. Preludes are often short musical works that are used to introduce larger pieces. Villa Lobos is known for being one of the most influential composers for Brazil in the 20th century. His compositions on the classical guitar are still recognized as masterful works of art.

Corcovado- Carlos Jobim 

Antonio Carlos Jobim is widely accepted as the father of Bossa Nova. He has written and recorded many famous tunes such as “Girl From Impanema” and “Aguas De Marco”. Bossa Nova contains a straight eighth feel as opposed to the swung feel that is commonly heard on most jazz tunes. “Corcovado” was named after a famous mountain in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 

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